Dental Implants in Conroe, TX

A woman speaking to her dentist about dental implants in Conroe, TX.Conroe, TX dental implants specialist Jess N Legg, DDS, has over 40 years of experience tending to the oral health of residents of Southeast Texas. Dr. Legg and her highly trained and educated staff are dedicated to providing personalized, gentle care in a comfortable and relaxing environment, no matter how involved the procedure.

Dental implants are used when one or more teeth are missing due to tooth decay, chipping, cracking, or an accident that resulted in tooth loss. A new tooth is created out of composite material that will mimic the look, feel, and functionality of the missing tooth.

No two mouths are exactly alike, and the type of device needed to replace missing teeth varies greatly depending on the placement, use, and size of the tooth that needs to be replaced. Dr. Legg relies on the latest state of the art equipment to create customized devices perfectly suited to match the individual needs of each patient.

We also offer a full range of customized dental veneers to cover damaged or discolored teeth permanently. Whether you are looking to brighten your existing smile, or replace missing teeth, Dr. Legg has everything you need.

So call or come by the offices of Jess N Legg, DDS, today to set up your free initial consultation for your Conroe, TX dental implants. We’ll get your smile back in shape in no time!

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